Blowsion Riser Fat Bars - 1-1/8" Handlebar Clamps - Black


Type: NEW
Vendor: Blowsion
Part Number: 03-05-146


Blowsion 1-1/8" Fat Riser Handlebar. Manufactured from 6063-T832 aluminum. 28 inches wide. Color: Anodized Black. Must be used in conjunction with Blowsion Sealed Bearing system and Blowsion Phat Clamp. The Blowsion Phat Riser allows for a complete custom range of handlebar mount angles. Through extensive testing and feedback from the worlds top watercraft racers, freeriders and freestylers, Blowsion has developed its own line of handlebars so that each model places the rider in the best possible position for both handling, performance and comfort. Designed with careful tolerances to fit the popular ODI Gripswith billet end caps. Bar ends have measuremnt lines on the ends to also allow rider to cut them back to desired length.