Blowsion Destroyer Front Sponsons/Tubbies - Rickter FS-2, FR-2, EDGE, EVO Models - White


Type: NEW
Vendor: Blowsion
Part Number: 02-01-008


Built and shaped specific to the unique hull shape of the Rickter Freeride models (FR2, FS-2, EDGE, and EVO models) the Tubbie Destroyer is fully removable with an average 10 minute per side install and removal once hull inserts are installed. Color: White. Composite backed, the Destroyers do not use screws for installation. Three (3) machined billet and stainless couplings per side are included with each set of Destroyer Tubbie sponsons- and that is all that is required for hardware install. This is the ultimate in customized front sponson set ups, and allows each rider to adapt to different riding conditions with ease.