Blowsion Billet Handlepole - GREEN/CLEAR - Yamaha Superjet, Rickter, Blowsion, Krash


Type: NEW
Vendor: Blowsion
Part Number: 03-04-261


The Blowsion Billet Adjustable Handle Pole. In development and testing for over two years, this lightweight futuristic design incorporates every feature and request from not only the design group here at Blowsion, but feedback and testing as well from the top pros in racing, freeride and freestyle. This product was the definition of a team effort! Constructed of billet aluminum throughout all its componentry, the Blowsion Billet Handlepole features an exclusively designed and lightweight dual honeycomb shaped center extrusion. Combined with the lightweight billet machined ends that are manufactured using industry leading 5-axis technology, this system allows for ease of length adjustability on each end as well as superior clamping strength. Choose from multiple lengths of center extrusion allowing each rider to customize pole lengths from uber short to extended length taller riders. Incorporating a completely new one-piece steering system, the Blowsion handle pole allows for a completely neutral handlebar pivot mount. This is the first ÒOver the PivotÓ (OVP) Steering System for the standup market. The OVP Steering System (sold seperately) enormously increases steering response and enables the rider to have a much more precise feel. Innovative new tapered bearings are used for increase lateral-load on the bars as well as a zirk fitting mounted into the steering so you can grease your steering bearings with ease. Under side mounting of pole and steering system is completely sanitized of leg-scarring bolts, nuts and mounting hardware. The Blowsion Billet Handlepole is the only handlepole supplied with a billet steering stop, a machined handle pole limiting rope fixture and is available in six different anodized color options for both the center extrusion, as well as the billet ends (Black, Red, Blue, Clear, Orange and Green). When outfitting your steering system for our new pole you can choose from any of our fat handlebar options (Straight, Riser or 4-Degree). Both Yamaha and Kawasaki Pole Bushings included.