Blowsion Billet Trim Lever BLUE-03-05-233-Yamaha Supetjet-Wave Blaster-Rickter-Krash-Kawasaki Sxr-750sx/sxi-650sx-X2-440-550


Type: NEW
Vendor: Blowsion
Part Number: 03-05-233


Blowsion Billet Trim Lever BLUE. Left hand operated spring loaded trim lever for pump freestyle/freeride tilt or racing trim systems. Ergonomically designed for premium fit and feel whether you are on the waves or on the buoys. Lever angle is situated to reduce hand and arm fatigue. Delrin bushings eliminate the play common in aftermarket levers and provide a smooth lever pull. All stainless hardware at the hinge point eliminates corrosion and play 100%. No C clips used. Available for all models