Blowsion Billet Exhaust Nozzle Tip 04-03-255 - 1996-2018 Yamaha Superjet - ORANGE


Type: NEW
Vendor: Blowsion
Part Number: 04-03-255


Blowsion Billet Exhaust Nozzle/Tip. Updated carefully for 2008 to fit the new narrower Super Jet bottom hull. This is one ultra off the hook nozzle. Function and fit are Blowsion perfect. Vanity rules on these beauties. Blowsion logo engraved into the extruded design. Cover up that ugly exhaust flange. Fits all 1996 and newer Yamaha SuperJet models. Trick, functional and fashionable. Works with our new CAS Billet Aluminum One Way Valve to give a finished sano look to both sides of your ski.