Blowsion Yamaha, Kawasaki Billet Hood Latch 04-04-001 - BLACK


Type: NEW
Vendor: Blowsion
Part Number: 04-04-001


Blowsion Yamaha, Kawasaki Billet Hood Latch! Replace your rear factory hood latch with a billet aluminum BLOWSION latch and ride worry free. Recently updated and re-machined to also fit the Kawasaki SXR 800 and SXR 1500. Also fits all years Yamaha FX1 and all years Yamaha Super Jet. A must for surf and big wave riders, especially those running a BLOWSION pole limiting rope. Requires the stock base locking hardware. Now available in more colors- Anodized Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Clear and Black!