Blowsion OVP "Over The Pivot" Steering System GREEN. Available in Black, Clear, Blue, Orange, Red and Green bright dip anodized colors! Specifically designed to fit the new Blowsion Billet handlepole.


Type: NEW
Vendor: Blowsion
Part Number: 03-05-012-GRN


After 2 years of designing & testing the Blowsion Product Development Team have released the all new "OVP" (Over The Pivot) Steering system. This is the first 'over the pivot' steering system released for the stand up market. Specifically designed to work in conjunction with new Blowsion Billet Handlepole, this innovative one-piece steering system enables the rider to turn and control directly over the pivot point. Steering over the pivot vastly increases steering response, and enables the rider to have a much more precise feel with the handling of the ski. This incredibly effective one-piece steering system design incorporates an all new tapered bearing that spreads the lateral load on the bars more equally. This tapered bearing can be easily greased with the built-in zerk fitting. Under mount of steering system is completely free or protruding bolts nuts and screws --- no more knee busters! PLEASE NOTE: The OVP Steering system will only work with Fat Straight, Fat Riser or 4-Degree Fat Bars (sold separately).