Kawasaki Carbon Tech Low Tension Reed Kit, TS X2 SC 650SX 650cc 1986-1996


Type: NEW
Vendor: Carbon Tech
Part Number: 212LT


Kawasaki Carbon Tech Reed Kit, TS X2 SC 650SX 650cc 1986-1996 . Watercraft engines create alot of horsepower very rapidly, and the reeds need to be able to keep up with the demanding motor. Carbon Tech reeds hold up longer than any reed available. And, our reeds are available in different tensions for different powerbands, that you get to pick. Low Tension (LT) reeds are designed for low end power, Mid Tension (MT) for mid range power, and High Tension (HT) reeds for top end power. Either way you go, you will feel confident knowing you have the best reed available in your motor