PRO-TEC Yamaha XL800 / XL1200LTD / SUV 1200 / XLT800 / XLT1200 Extended Ride Plate


Type: NEW
Vendor: PRO-TEC
Part Number: 11-126F


Yamaha XL800 / XL1200LTD / SUV1200 / XLT800 / XLT1200 extended ride plate. This ride plate will improve handling and reduce porpoising. Recommend for multiple passenger use or heavier riders. Pro-Tec considers the many dynamics of water flow across the bottom of the hull and ride plate to produce the best possible extended ride plate available. Ride plate length, shape, lift and fit are all necessary for proper function and optimum performance from a ride plate. The Pro-Tec Yamaha XL800 / XL1200LTD / SUV1200 / XLT800 / XLT1200 extended ride plate will improve handling, improve acceleration and reduce porpoising without sacrificing top speed. Handling and porpoising are improved by the additional lift created by the extended length to keep the bow of the hull planted in the water. Planting the bow of the hull into the water provides better and more precise cornering allowing you to go faster through the corners. We have also designed our ride plate with a flat area in the center of the ride plate to improve straight line stability.