TBM Racing Kawasaki 800 SX-R & Hydrospace S4 Front Sponsons

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Type: NEW
Vendor: TBM Racing
Part Number: TBM134


Since the inception of the first front sponsons used on the Team Kawasaki SXI ProÕs in 2001-Ô02 there have been many renditions that have claimed to transform the handling of your stand up into something far better than what the manufacturers originally designed. The truth is many of these bulging fiberglass training wheels were designed by guys with bulging waistlines that couldnÕt carve a turn on a stand up to save their life. At TBM we have never pushed the use of front sponsons knowing they often create an ill handling hull in all but the roughest conditions and even then can catch a wave wrong and send you off in one direction and your ski in another. The designers will tell you that you have to move them forward, lift them above the planing surface and some will even flip them around backwards. With this many excuses itÕs a clear sign that the design was flawed from the beginning and more thought and testing should have gone into these products. For 2010 we didnÕt just decide to take what everyone else is making and use bolts rather than screws, we started with a completely clean slate. We knew that our goal was to enhance the handling of the SX-R and Hydrospace rather than just bolt on training wheels, so we started re-shaping the hull until we created a set of sponsons that are truly the biggest handling improvement you will ever experience, bar none. Designed by a racer for racers to allow your ski to drive through a turn without inhibiting the natural lean angle the manufacturers intended and the precision a racer demands. Our sponsons are specifically designed for your hull and only install in one position taking the guesswork out of the installation and eliminating the fear of drilling holes in your hull in the wrong place. As you can see from the pictures our sponsons widen the footprint of the hull for a much longer area than the short contact area of whatÕs currently on the market. We also have a two-piece clam shell construction that eliminates the sponsons from delaminating from your hull with only the foam remaining as our sponsons are full composite without a cheap foam core. Simple installation and quality is the first thing you will notice when installing our sponsons and when you hit the water you will be shaking your head in disbelief at how you just carved a turn at full speed with the control and precision of a World Champion. Made of fiberglass