Thrust Innovations EZ Drain - Scupper With Ball Type Check Valve - For Rickter Models - Red

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Type: NEW
Part Number: TI-EZ-DRN-RIK-RED


Thrust Ez Drain (this is a check valve ball type scupper) no more flap that doesnt seal or gets worn out over time. This system works when the ski is sitting the water pressure closes the hole with the ball and when you are riding the 2 3/4" hole for RRP Rickter models reduced to 1" is open allowing the ski to drain quick and effciently. This is a 3 part system it comes with the 'Billet cone drain ,the scupper ring to glue to the hull and the Logo grate to keep the ball in plate but can be removed to dislodge bolts,zip ties etc. Available in colors Red,Blue,Green,Black,Silver grate and ringand cone are all black finish