Blowsion Superjet Heavy Duty Steering Cable - 1996-2007 Yamaha Superjet and most aftermarket hulls


Type: NEW
Vendor: Blowsion
Part Number: 02-05-302


The Blowsion Heavy Duty replacement steering cable fits all 1996-2007 Yamaha SuperJets and most aftermarket hull applications using Yamaha based platform (Rickter, Krash, Tigercraft, ETC). The Blowsion Heavy Duty steering cable incorporates Blue Max control cable construction. This superior control cable material is born of marine and aviation engineering design, with extreme low friction and minimal loss of motion. Each cable is oversize in length and excellent for complicated cable routing in the tight corners of Superjet and aftermarket hull engine compartments. Featuring a true 4-inch minimum bend radius, each cable is pre-lubed for life with a binder wired PTFE core conduit. The Blue Max outer jacket is resistant to abrasions, salt water, gasoline, diesel, and hard chemicals. Each cable comes with Blowsion machined stainless conduit caps and threaded push-pull rods. Burly stainless steering cable ends and hardware complete the connection features.