Moto Tassinari V-Force 2 Reed Assembly Yamaha Triple cylinder - YAMAHA, 1100/1200 (3 cages) These only fit the 1100 (63M) and 1200 (65U) non powervalve engines


Type: NEW
Vendor: V-Force
Part Number: V2W140-3


The Moto Tassinari VForce Delta 2 reed valve system is the number one choice of the Factory teams. Currently more Factory race teams depend on our reed valve technology than all the other brands combined. Our valve incorporates features you won't find with other system on the market. With such features as twice the reed tip surface, adjustable reed stops, radius cage surface and more. By doubling the reed tip surface the petals now only need to open half as far to have the same flow as a stock style cage. This is a significant advantage when you factor in that a reed petal opens and closes 133 times per second at 8,000 rpm. The petals are only traveling half the distance of a stock style cage, so now fatigue to the petal has been greatly reduced, increasing petal life. This design also enables the valve to drastically improve the entire powerband with a significant boost in the bottom and mid. Instant throttle response is an understatement! The petals now sit on a radius surface to create a "pre-loading" effect that improves an already snappy acceleration. Our new cage design now allows the reed petal tips to be recessed into the cage itself. This allows for a cushioning of the reed tips and also discourages the possibility of any back-flow. Every VForce reed valve comes with adjustable reed stops to allow you the ability to change the reed tension in a matter of minutes from high to low. While this is designed to be a fine tuning of the powerband you will certainly notice a difference when adjusting the reed tension. We recommend the low setting for more bottom end and the high to improve top-end power